Most mobile wallets are free, which means that you can download them and try them out without incurring cost; it also makes using more than one mobile wallet in order to gain maximum utility a viable option. Consider the mobile wallet’s functionality for the following card types when looking for the best mobile wallet.

Credit & Debit Cards: The primary function of a secure wallet app is to store your credit and debit cards, and the best apps enable you pay with them using your phone instead of the actual physical cards. Additionally, the best mobile wallets give you the option of storing a variety of cards, including major card brands, cards from national and local banks, and store-branded cards.

Loyalty Cards: While loyalty cards can help you earn nice discounts or freebies at the establishments you frequent most, nearly every grocery store, restaurant and boutique offers one, and you can quickly accumulate a hefty stack of cards. For this reason, the best digital wallet companies enable you to store your loyalty cards and track your points on each card.

Gift Cards: It’s easy to forget to use the gift cards that you receive; in fact, in 2015, nearly $1 billion in gift cards was never redeemed, due to lost or forgotten cards and small, unused balances left on the cards after a purchase. The best mobile wallets allow you to store gift cards, which can help you keep track of and spend every cent on them.