Though similar to the iBeacon profile released by Apple in 2013, Eddystone can be implemented without restriction.

Eddystone also contains a telemetry frame (Eddystone-TLM) designed for reporting on a beacon’s health, including, for example, battery level.

Like other beacon technology, beacons with Eddystone can give devices a better indication of what objects and places are around them.Importantly, beacons do not generally accept connections from other devices, meaning that the beacon itself cannot record what devices are in its vicinity. Further, the simplicity of the beacon frame means that an app (for example Google Chrome) is required in order to interpret the beacon’s signal.

Διαθέτουμε συσκευή που λειτουργεί είτε ως iBeacon είτε ως Eddystone beacon (ρύθμιση λογισμικού).

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